The Triton Group has been involved in the justice system for many years providing services from fugitive recovery to jail alternatives. We are always looking into the future for new technologies that provide the best and most cost effective products to you. Currently we are testing the worlds first Marijuana and Methamphetamine one piece GPS ankle bracelet on the market along with a 5 panel transdermal patch which detects the use of drugs and alcohol for up to 21 days. Our staffs kind and professional attitude surpasses industry standards by far. Every Agent is trained on the equipment we provide direct from the manufacturer. We are compassionate to your needs whether your a participant our the governing court.

Enrollees: EHM allows you to maintain your positive and healthy lifestyle while continuing to work, being with your loved ones and completing your obligations to the courts.

Probation and Courts: The Triton Groups imposes strict standards with multiple safeguards insuring complete compliance. Our "Sub-Contractor" options allows transparency within our company by helping to ease the burden on an already stressed judicial system. We will help you save money, time and man power with our program while allowing our community the opportunity to prosper.

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